Lily Jones

Lily Jones | 1997-2013

Lily Jones was my dog for almost 16 years. We assisted her passing earlier this month after she experienced a sudden onset of seizures. The time had come to say goodbye to our sweet long haired Dachshund girl. We knew her time with us was coming to an end as her age was spelling it out to us quite clearly. We did not want her final days to be filled with vet office visits, medications and invasive treatments. So we made the decision to say good bye. Her transition was peaceful and swift and I was so glad that she did not suffer through a prolonged illness.

Lily was my very first dog. I began photographing dogs before I ever actually had one. My studio was in San Francisco at the time and some friends of friends brought in their three long haired Dachshunds for a portrait session. I had never met the breed before and as soon as I saw them, I realized I had met the breed for me. We got Lily just about a year later when we finally lived in a place that would allow us to have a dog. She came from Wisconsin on a plane from the same breeder as the original three Dachshunds I had met.

Lily was a complex dog. A little aloof and independent, definitely self serving, this little dog knew what she wanted and didn’t really give up until she got it. She was tough to house train but eventually got the hang of it. Her favorite treat was a raw baby carrot and she loved to stick her feet in the water bowl to cool herself off.

She was a lot of fun and was up for most situations that we threw her into, including moving across the country twice. She was my defacto model for new lighting set ups, location scouting and always willing to don a cap for a holiday card. She camped with us, she hiked with us. Best of all, she loved to hang out when all we wanted to do was be together.

One of the most asked questions I get during my portrait sessions is, “What kind of dogs do you have?” Through my telling people about my two Dachshunds, Lily and Benny, they have met hundreds of my clients and their dogs.

We will miss her persistence and her passion, her bark and her sweet licks. One of the most important lessons I have applied to my business over the years is one I learned from ‘Last Word’ Lily Jones: Never ever ever give up. ¬†She was the master of that concept.